I am a writer, mother, sister, partner, lover, and a loud laughter. I have been so many things in my life: a Vice-President of Operations in a chain of luxury import stores, a creator of visual displays for a large retail clothing company, a makeup artist, a pregnancy class instructor, a birth and postpartum doula, and a story doula. I have always been drawn to work which combines the beautiful and the necessary, believing that creativity is as essential to the planet as clean air and water. As I have grown into my body and heart I have also felt a deep call to heal my familial wounds and the things I’ve experienced and lived through, and to make a safe place for others to do the same. I have a fierce heart and tender bones.

In 2012 I began working towards certification as a birth and postpartum doula. I believe in women’s bodies and their innate wisdom and I was excited to be at a place in life where I could pursue work that was necessary in the world and meaningful to me. I have loved working with new and growing families and teaching classes for expecting mothers. It’s been an honor to be invited into intimate moments and be part of unique and transformational stories. In 2015 I began to feel that change was again on the horizon. As I looked for ways to expand my class and women’s circle offerings in the Portland and Vancouver areas, I flew down to Santa Barbara, CA to train with Bronwyn Simons of The Artful Life . We quickly discovered our similar paths and vision and a brand new community was created.

In August 2015 Bronwyn and I launched Vivid Menopause. Vivid Menopause was created as a community to celebrate and elevate menopause to its proper status as an honored transition, preparing us to come into our wisdom and live ripe, juicy, vivid and creative lives! We are telling a new story about this important experience in every woman’s life. Vivid offers courses, retreats, and community to women wishing to embrace and celebrate menopause as an exciting, vivid, and potentially joyful new adventure in our lives.

I am not currently taking doula clients but may again in the future. Please email me at annagrace@coradoula.com for current availability and pricing.


(Photo by Anni Becker)

You can also find me here:



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